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PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is a specialized three-step therapy to cure conditions of hair loss. Amid this therapy, blood is drawn from a person’s body, undergone processing, and subsequently injected in the bald patches on the scalp. Some of the top hair transplant doctors believe that PRP injections prompt natural growth of hair and restore hair fall through the increase of blood supply to the affected hair follicles and augmentation of the depth and texture of the hair shaft. Occasionally, this technique is combined with different hair loss methods and medications.

• As a matter of fact, not much research is done to demonstrate the efficacy of PRP as a robust procedure to treat hair loss.
• The procedure, however, is commonplace since the 1980s.
• It also finds effective use in treating and healing issues related to damaged muscles, ligaments, or tendons.
Three-step process

• Step 1

o This step involves the drawing up of your blood, usually from your arm.
o The blood is instantly placed inside a centrifuge which is a machine that spins with rapidity for the purpose of separating fluids having dissimilar densities.

• Step 2

o The extracted blood is kept in the centrifuge for around 10 minutes.
o Eventually, your blood will be segregated into three distinct layers.
1. Plasma with poor platelet content
2. Plasma with rich platelet content
3. Red blood cells

• Step 3

o With the help of a syringe, the platelet-rich plasma is taken out and subsequently injected into those areas of your scalp that call for a boost in hair growth.

• Since researches don’t really prove to what extent PRP is effective, there isn’t any clarity as well on whom and in what scenarios the therapy would achieve maximum success.

• In keeping with a recent study, experts from the best clinic for hair transplant reveal that even though PRP has adequate theoretical and scientific basis to back up its usefulness in the restoration of lost hair, the procedure is still at its groundwork stage and shreds of evidence from clinical trials are a few and far-fetched.

Potential side effects

• In fact, you aren’t much at risk to develop a contagious disease since PRP therapy involves pulling in your own blood and injecting it into your scalp.
• However, on the word of a specialist performing the best hair transplant, any treatment that includes mediation of injections any day carries the risk factors to contract side effects like:

o Calcification at the injection site
o Infection
o Injury to blood vessels or nerves
o Scarring of tissues

• Also, odds are that you pick up an adverse reaction to the anesthesia used in the midst of conducting the therapy.
• If you make your mind up in pursuing PRP therapy to treat hair loss, make the best doctor for hair transplant in Delhi cognizant of your tolerance level to anesthetics beforehand.


• By and large, PRP therapy comprises of treatments carried out in three steps within a span of 4 to 6 weeks followed up by treatments for maintenance every 4 to 6 months.
• This type of specialized hair transplant cost varies from $1,500 to $3,500 as far as the preliminary three treatments are concerned with each injection costing around $400 or above.

• The pricing strategy of PRP therapy is dependent on several factors which include the following.
o The geographical location of the clinic
o The quality of the equipment used
o The inclusion of supplementary nutritious components

• Lots of medical insurance service providers take into account PRP treatment for hair loss as a cosmetic remedy and avoid covering the cost of the treatment.
• It’s necessary that you talk over with an insurance company to find out if it can indemnify the cost of PRP therapy for you.

Time to recover

• When PRP injections are administered to buttress new hair growth, the best doctor for hair transplant may come up with suggestions to offer enough rest to the affected area.
• Yet, these suggestions have more relation with the healing of the injected site and less to do with PRP injections.
• The majority of people keep on continuing with their day-to-day activities subsequent to receiving the PRP injections.
• Since the main intent of PRP injections is to encourage the growth of new hair and healing of the areas of injection, any noticeable difference in the results post receiving the injections may not be evident immediately.
• However, over a period of many weeks or months, you may become aware of the substantial growth of new hair or faster healing of the wounds.

At Radiance Cosmedic Center, recognized as one of the best hair transplant clinics in Delhi, PRP technique is employed to offer hair loss treatment. The method helps cure your severe hair fall problems in a swift and efficient manner under the supervision of highly praised and triple board-certified hair transplant Dr. Mayank Singh. In case you’re worried about your hair loss and looking for a restorative treatment get in touch with us today to have more knowledge about our eclectic services.

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