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Hair loss is one of the greatest loss in one’s life. It affects one’s self-esteem and personality development. It can basically occur due to different causes, ranging from genetic to non-genetic factors such as stress, hormonal imbalance, fungal infections,, or a side-effect of any disease.

What Factors one should Consider before a Hair Transplant?

Time Factor:
Top Hair Transplant Doctors Delhi suggests that a hair transplant surgery can be performed in any season.
• All 12 months are suitable for hair transplant surgery. The best a possible time for taking the treatment procedure depends upon your hair structure.
• Most importantly, you have to think about the healing process. For example, swimming and sun exposure are not advised for 14 days after the hair transplant surgical treatment.
• You must have to protect your head with cotton or non-snug hats after hair transplant in winter, etc.
• Despite the high-performance rate in winter, you can take advantage of summertime because hair grows faster in summers and the renewal rate of skin is high

Age Factor:
• There is no age for losing hair. Hair loss can occur at any age.
• At a very young age, you start losing your hair from the front while your hairline begins to mature and become slightly higher.
• The mature and effective hairline is not a worrisome issue because it is a part of the growing up phase.
• There is not any particular age set for hair transplant, but in some cases, you may have be too young for the surgeon in order to identify what type of hair loss pattern and method you’re going to experience in near future.
• If you receive a hair restoration surgery to fill the empty spaces at too young an age, you can end up with an island of transplanted hair in the middle, as patches will keep on falling around it.
• These patches may look strange and unnatural. And it is difficult to reverse the process.
• Therefore, it is the advisable and best method to undergo for a hair transplant when you fall under the age group of 20-70 years because it is easier for surgeons to identify balding patterns, methods and give you a natural-looking for hairline with artistic precision.
In India, you will find the best Doctor for Hair Transplant in Delhi. Delhi is famous for hair transplant treatment. There are a variety of qualified doctors available in Delhi who can process the hair transplant surgery very efficiently and effectively. I am also suggesting that before choosing any hospital or doctor for transplanting hairs, first, you should ask other people in your surroundings like relatives and other family friends. Choose the best hair transplant clinics in Delhi. After that check the qualification and certification of that particular doctor who is performing the surgery, if the hair transplant surgeon is well qualified and experienced as well then go for it.

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