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Here in this Article I will be discussing on hand rejuvenation treatments, hand rejuvenation cost involved and other things related to this issue.

What is Hand Rejuvenation means?

-Hand Rejuvenation is a condition of your hands in which the backside of your palm is losing its tightness.
- This is caused by the ageing of hands, the scientific reason is due to loss of tissue volumes, dermal elasticity and atrophy of the subcutaneous tissues in our hands.
- This condition of your hands is very embarrassing and you always want to get rid of this situation as early as possible.
- For this treatment are available, have a look at them

Treatment for Hand Rejuvenation:

1.Fraxel Dual:

-Fraxel dual is one of the treatments available for hand Rejuvenation. In this treatment, the surgeons remove the dead skin from the outer layer of the affected area.
-This treatment is non-invasive that means without the insertion of surgical instruments this treatment can be done.
-In this process, lasers are used to treat the affected skin area. Fraxel Dual treatment is safe and it takes very less time for treatment.
-Fraxel Dual treatment is very effective as it improves skin tone as well as skin texture, this treatment also reduces the darkish spots visible on your hands.

2.IPL Photofacial:

- Intense pulsed light(IPL) Photofacial is one of the treatments available for hand rejuvenation, in this intense pulse lights are used to treat the affected skin area.
- This method is used to treat skin which is affected by the heat of the sun.
- This is a very effective method in treating sunburn skin and can bring back your natural skin tone.
- This treatment is commonly used for treating face, neck, and chest but are very effective in treating hand rejuvenation also.
- This method consisting of four steps, if your spots removed in the first attempt then well and good, but if there exist presence of dark spots then you can undergo remaining steps.

3. Chemical Hand Peel:

- Chemical hand peel is one of the effective treatment available for hand rejuvenation. In this process a set of chemicals applied to your hands which will help in removing sunburns and dark spot from your hands surface.
- These chemicals make your dead skin alive again, for the best result you need to take this treatment 4 to 5 times.

The cost involves for hand rejuvenation is vary from $400 t0 $5000. The cost depends upon the severity of your hands and what treatment you choose.

These are the treatments available for getting rid of hand rejuvenation, it's up to you what treatment you want to choose. In my opinion before taking treatment to choose the best hand rejuvenation surgeon from your area and go for it. At Luxe Medical Spa, you will get the best doctor will always guide you properly hence I am suggesting this.

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