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Stem Cell Hair Transplant: How Will It Change the Future of Hair Regrowth

Stem Cell Hair Transplant: How Will It Change the Future of Hair Regrowth

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Stem cell hair transplant has a few similarities with the traditional hair transplant. However, instead of extricating a large number of donor area hairs and transplanting into the area affected by hair loss, a stem cell hair transplant involves the removal of a small sample of your skin from the scalp from which a harvest of hair follicles is accomplished.

• Then the hair follicles are reproduced in a laboratory and entrenched back into the area of hair loss on your scalp.
• This enables the growth of hair in the regions where the follicles were originally taken from and where their transplant was done afterward.
• At the present moment, as stated by the best hair transplant doctor, stem cell hair transplant exists only in theory.
• With ongoing research in full swing, the procedure is expected to make a mark by the year 2020.

Stem cell hair transplant procedure

Definition of stem cells

• These cells have the distinctive potential of developing into diverse types of cells available in the human body.
• Stem cells are essentially unspecialized in nature and incapable of carrying out specific functions within the body.
• Nevertheless, they possess the ability of division and renewal to either remain as stem cells or metamorphose into several, different types of cells.
• They function in repairing certain body tissues through the multiplication and replacement of the damaged tissues.


• In 2017, a stem cell hair transplant was successfully accomplished by Italian researchers.
• A typical stem cell hair transplant procedure, on the word of the best doctor for hair transplant, gets going with the execution of a punch biopsy.
• Its main aim lies in extracting stem cells from the patient’s body.
• The performance of a punch biopsy is conducted by making use of an instrument having a circular blade which when rotated around the skin scoops out a cylindrical tissue sample.
• This is followed by segregation of the stem cells from the tissue by means of a special machine known as a centrifuge.
• It leaves behind a cell suspension which is subsequently injected back into the areas of hair loss on the scalp.
• Presently, there are a few clinics that offer a piecemeal version of stem cell hair transplant for commercial purposes.
• In fact, this procedure isn’t approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is being run in the form of a trial.
• The clinics which now offer this pioneering procedure are unable to provide a guarantee on its successful outcome.
• The results may keep varying from person to person and calling for more than a few treatments over a period of many months to manifest properly.
• Research studies carried out by the best hair transplant doctors indicate that stem cell hair transplants may prove considerably beneficial in taking care of various hair loss conditions including:
o Male pattern baldness or male androgenetic alopecia
o Female pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia
o The condition of destroyed hair follicles being supplanted with scar tissues or cicatricial alopecia

• Following the procedure, mild pain is expected.
• And the pain is most likely to recede within a week’s period.
• Stem cell hair transplant wouldn’t need any separate recovery time.
• However, one must avoid unrestrained exercise for a week post-surgery.
• In the places, where fatty tissues would be removed, some scarring may be evident.
• The procedure would be performed under the spell of local anesthesia.

Side effects
• According to leading hair transplant doctors, very little information is available on the potential side effects of a stem cell hair transplant.
• As is the case with other surgical procedures, there will always remain the risks of infection or bleeding at the sample site and injection site.
• Scarring may also be possible.
• Even though a punch biopsy hardly comes up with any complications, there’s a minor risk of probable damage to the arteries and nerves underneath the site.

Projected success rate
• As per research on stem cells hair transplants, the success rate of the procedure reveals a very promising picture.
• The study conducted by Italian researchers showed a result that observed an increase in hair density by 29 percent, roughly 23 weeks subsequent to the last treatment session.
• Clinics providing stem cell hair therapies aren’t accredited by the FDA.
• Therefore they stay away from offering any guarantee on the success rate of the procedural outcome.

• As the procedure is still in the research phase, the stem cell hair transplant cost hasn’t yet been ascertained and confirmed.
• However, a few of the tentative stem cell hair replacement therapies which are on offer by some clinics cost anywhere between $3,000 and $10,000.
• The overall cost is dependent on the type and scope of the hair loss put up for treatment.

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