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Obesity – A trending cause of Anxiety

Obesity – A trending cause of Anxiety

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Yes, your excess body weight is a leading cause for your deteriorating mental health. Proved by a team of researchers of USA, the link between mental health conditions and obesity is directly related. A study on over 12,000 children and teenagers shows us an eye opening result that tells obesity definitely raises the risk of anxiety and depression, which is something that physicians and healthcare professionals are rigid about.

According to the reports of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 35% of young adults in the United States are obese. And also, the mental health conditions are prevalent in these adults. The demography of young people between the age group of 13-17 are facing anxiety issues. Further nationwide study connects to anxiety of young people with obesity and finds that obesity is an independent risk factor for anxiety and depression among children and teenagers.

The Study

Lead researcher from the Karolinska Institute of Stockholm, Sweden, examined data of over 12,000 children and teenagers, aged between 6-17, who were under treatment for obesity and compared the relative symptoms (If found any) with 60,000 counterparts who were not obese. The girls were likely to face 43% less anxiety issues than boys of their age and same peer group. The risk or anxiety was 33% more in boys with obesity.

Many other factors depression and anxiety, such as origin of their culture, their family history, there background etc. were not addressed as their presence would have given deviated results. It was seen that even though these factors were neglected, obesity still raised a risk for developing anxiety and depression. Results showed a greater picture of 11.6% of the girls who were obese received such a diagnosis as compared to girls without obesity, also, 8% of boys with obesity received the diagnosis, compared to 4.1% without obesity.

An increased risk of anxiety and depression can be clearly seen in children and adolescents when compared with obesity with population-based comparison group. This issue is something for which the healthcare professionals need to be vigilant about.

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The Final Thoughts

Although the study may be a little biased and the scientists do acknowledge some limitations to their study as , they believe, some observational factors may not be considered and the mechanism behind the associations is still not clear.

Maybe the cause of depression and anxiety connects with obesity and maybe not. But these two conditions, if found prevailing in the teenagers , the adults must behave responsibly to eradicate them from the children.

Author:  Ajinkya Bhonsle

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