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Facts to Know About Liposuction Cost and Care after Surgery

Facts to Know About Liposuction Cost and Care after Surgery

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Even though liposuction doesn’t require a surgeon to make large incisions, it’s crucial that you take extreme care of the areas where incisions are made post-surgery. Because any infection or scarring can get in the way of a favorable liposuction treatment result. Here’s how you can guide yourself through post-liposuction care.

Treat yourself with this post-liposuction care kit
See to it that you have the following items on hand before the surgery.
·       Comfortable, loose-fitting clothes
·       Dark towels to rest on for absorbing any oozing fluids
·       Pillows to settle on
·       Sufficient drinking water
·       Soda crackers to avert nausea
·       Pain medications

Care advised by liposuction doctors during the initial 72 hours after surgery
·       It’s normal to experience drainage of blood-filled fluid for the first 24 to 72 hours subsequent to the surgery. This fluid can spread on the clothes and sheets as well.
·       But there’s no need to press the panic button. The fluid, in fact, is injected into the liposuction site prior to the surgery. This ensures a safer elimination of fat.
·       Make sure to wear a compression garment at all times except when you take a shower. They help diminish swelling and expedite the healing process. Your liposuction surgeon will inform you when exactly to take off the garment for good.
·       It’s compulsory to engage in some movement every couple of hours. This prevents the blood to form clots. This also helps in regular fluid circulation within your body and reduction in swelling.
·       A few plastic surgeons instruct to take a bath roughly 24 hours after the surgery. You need to check this aspect as many surgeons prefer to have the compression garment on for at least five days before taking a shower.
·       While bathing, you can gently apply soap and water over the operated areas. Avoid any scrubbing. Use a clean towel and softly dry the affected site.
·       Stay away from using stagnant water for a bathing purpose for a minimum of 2 weeks after surgery.

Taking care of your incisions
·       In compliance with your surgeon’s recommendations, the outer bandages can be removed from the liposuction site post 24 to 72 hours.
·       You may expect the incisions to be left exposed or closed and secured with sutures.
·       In case, the incisions are covered with tapes or sterile strips leave them undisturbed. It’s suggested to keep the sterile strips in place and allow them to drop off automatically. Otherwise, they can be taken off by the surgeon at the clinic.
·       Ensure wearing loosely fitted clothes as tight garments can brush against the incision bruises thereby causing irritation and impeding quick recovery.

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What's normal?
·       It’s normal to have mild bruising after liposuction surgery. However, this isn’t a cause for worry. The bruises gradually settle down over a period of the next 10 to 21 days.
·       Enhancement of body contour will come to your immediate notice. But you’ll have some swelling which subsides slowly but surely.
·       Typically it takes a span of three to four months to gain a complete understanding of the final liposuction treatment result.

What's not normal?
·       You need to keep a watch on the incisions for signs of any potential infection. These include increased swelling, pain or body temperature, amplified soreness, excessive drainage of blood, pus formation, unpleasant odor, etc.
·       If you catch a temperature exceeding 101 degrees Fahrenheit that may perhaps indicate a buildup of an infection.
·       Summon your doctor immediately if you come across any of these things.

Liposuction cost in India
Well, what can you expect to pay? The national averages hover anything between INR 35000 and 180000. It may well go over INR 200000. The cost primarily depends on each area being treated and not every fat layer you wish to eradicate from your body.
Other factors that impact the cost of liposuction surgery include:
·       The geographical areas having higher costs of living and the impressive strength of thoroughly experienced and skilled surgeons exhibit higher pricing structures.
·       The associated fees of the surgeon, and those for screening and lab testing. The latter two tests check for any suppressed medical condition and ensure safety. Costs of anesthesia, medications to curb pain, infection, and supplies such as pads and compression garments are also added.
·       Facilities that serve separate and independent operations will be reasonably low-priced in contrast to big hospitals for multiple obvious reasons.
·       Each service provider will offer distinct pricing structures depending on their experience, specialty and qualifications in the domain of liposuction surgery.
·       The influence of the technology used by the surgeon to treat fat removal. The more contemporary the treatment technique is the more you can expect the price to rise.

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