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Why need of chemical peeling treatment

Why need of chemical peeling treatment

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A chemical peel is mainly a skin-resurfacing procedure in which a chemical solution is applied to the skin to remove the top layers. The skin that only grows back after a chemical peel is smoother and younger looking. Chemical peels are always used to treat wrinkles, skin discoloration and scars — typically on the face. A chemical peel can only be done alone or in combination with other cosmetic procedures.

Why it's done

A chemical peels treatment clinic can be used to treat various skin problems. Mainly depending on the issues you're addressing with the procedure, you'll choose a chemical peel in one of three depths:
  • Light chemical peel. A light chemical peel mainly removes the outer layer of skin (epidermis). It can be also used to treat fine wrinkles, acne, uneven skin tone and dryness.
  • Medium chemical peel. A medium chemical peel can also treat wrinkles, acne scars and uneven skin tone. You might always repeat a medium chemical peel after three to nine months to maintain results.

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  • Deep chemical peel. A deep chemical peel treatment always removes all skin cells from the epidermis and from portions of the mid to lower layer of your dermis. A deep chemical peel always performs once.

Safety measures

  • Avoid unprotected sun exposure. It's really important to consistently use sunscreen at least four weeks before the procedure to help prevent irregular pigmentation in treated areas.
  • Always avoid certain cosmetic treatments and certain types of hair removal. Mainly about a week before the peel, stop waxing or using depilatory hair-removal products. So, avoid bleaching, massages or facial scrubs in the week before your peel.
  • Arrange for a ride home. If you'll be mainly sedated during a medium or deep chemical peel, you'll need help getting home after the procedure.


A light chemical peel can always improve skin texture and tone, as well as decrease the appearance of fine wrinkles. The results will be also subtle at first, but will increase with repeated treatments. So, after a light chemical peel, avoid sun exposure until new skin completely covers the treated area.
Always keep in mind that chemical peel results might not be permanent. As you age you'll mainly continue to acquire lines by squinting and smiling. New sun damage can always reverse your results and cause changes in your skin color.

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