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Current Trends In Dental Industry

Current Trends In Dental Industry

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The dental industry never ceases to innovate. This industry is ever evolving and doesn’t cater to inefficiency. The commercial demography is not bound to any particular scale in dentistry. A mere treatment of teeth cleaning of 1000 rupees is where you began and diamonds studded tooth worth of millions is where you may stop. This industry not only tries to provide better services but also try to develop new methods which create a comfortable environment for the patients. And all of this makes the tasks of the dentists easy too.

The world is very dynamic and this is why the environment of every industry tends to change very fast. The same way the dental industry is affected. It has evolved a lot from the last few decades and has brought innovations that were considered whimsical. Let us look into top 5 change that has shaped the dental industry the way it is today.

Artificial Intelligence

This era, the one we live in, is data-driven. Data is present in various forms in this industry. Producing an enormous amount of data regularly, this industry has evolved in the data processing. From booking an appointment online and managing records of every patient, a normal dental clinic works on all of it. The patients’ treatment cycle, patients’ history and future plans of recovery, everything is data-driven.

Artificial Intelligence has a keen opportunity wherever there is involvement of data. There are huge opportunity for this data, if processed, like getting insights on patient patterns, using it as research work in universities and all this can be done through processing it through artificial intelligence. Overall workload of dentists can be eased down a lot with the help of artificial intelligence and an efficient environment can be created to achieve a healthy dentist-patient relationship.


3D Printing

We all are aware of the innovation of 3D printing and it is helping humanity to take a bigger leap into the future. Innovations like 3D heart print by researchers at Tel Aviv University, Israel has opened new doors for this industry. Imagine having your teeth 3D printed? How to ease it would be for the dentist to prepare a denture of exact fit for you and how efficiently it’ll work.

Although the cost of 3D Printing is high enough and the reach for a 3D printer is not easy to let us hope the sooner advantage of 3D printers. The 3D printing industry is developing the resins and other materials to start the production of crowns, inlays, replacement teeth and veneers. Let us hope for the best.

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Laser Technology

What should be the best part of and treatment in dentistry?
-          It should be effortless
-          It should be affordable
-          It should reachable

Well, laser technology has summed up all the criteria. Critically used to treat bacteria and improve oral hygiene, laser technology has taken this industry by storm. A range of ailments is treated with the help of laser technology. Eliminating every sort of discomfort to the patient and as well the dentist is the priority of laser technology. The best part of this technology is that its fast.


Blockchain technology has brought a tsunami of cryptocurrency and many startups took this as an opportunity to innovate the dental industry. One such platform is Dentacoin. It has launched numerous blockchain-based applications and cryptocurrency which is specially developed for the dental industry. Its main objective is to make it easy for all the section of society to get an easy dental treatment, without any hustle.

Key features of Dentacoin are :
-          A trusted platform
-          Transparency
-          A research platform
-          Easy to access (Mobile app)
-          A new way of taking care of oral health


      Emotional Dentistry

A subsidiary of artificial intelligence is Emotional Dentistry. Virtual Mockups and Digital Photos has made it easy for patients to see before what they’ll look like after the whole treatment. Isn’t it amazing to know the results before and then correct it if not satisfied?

Before the concept of emotional dentistry evolved, there was no way to find out whether the particular procedure will work or not. Now the patients have the freedom to view the final result and change it accordingly.

This has led to a lot of time-saving, for both, the dentists as well as the patients. Envisioning yourself after the treatment is every patients’ dream, which literally came true due to Emotional Dentistry.

Author: Ajinkya Bhonsle

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