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Our modern world is filled with stress, depression, frustration, competition; new changes etc. People find it very difficult to handle this situation. Yoga is the one means to escape from all these negativity. Yoga works eight levels of developments. Mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially. Stress is a common feature these days it badly affects one’s body and mind. Because of stress people caught in serious health injuries like sleeplessness, back pain, headaches, depression, aggression and not able to concentrate on their work. At first, people never gave much importance to the practice of yoga. People thought that yoga is a kind of exercise which includes folding of body parts. But when they understood the problem is going beyond their limits then they naturally tried it. And it resulted positively. Yoga is not only an exercise it’s beyond that. Regular practice brings mental clarity and peacefulness which relaxes one’s mind and body.

Physical and mental fitness

To lead a successful life one should be mentally and physically fit. Nowadays life so stressful and complicated one. And our environment is filled will lot of pollutions which results in major health issues. If you just allow only 20 or 25 minutes of yoga it will surely help you to overcome all your health problems. It increases immunity power and helps you to maintain a balanced lifestyle. This is a competitive world. We have to compete with each other .no one will be spared if he commits mistakes. So it results in stressfulness. When you practice yoga daily it helps you to fight against stress and helps you maintain a inner peace and gives a positive energy. The research said that it also helps to cure bipolar disorder that is mental health issues. Majority people call yoga life changing.

Helps in weight loss

People are always concerned about their physical fitness. Especially about their body shape, stretch marks, hair loss, gaining weight etc. When stress increases our overall behavior changes. People start eating food which is high in calories, sugar, and fat. This leads to flabbiness. To avoid such problems you should practice yoga. This helps to lessen stress and also weight loss. For this, you should select Ashtanga, Vinaya, or power yoga. You have to practice it regularly.

Boosts brain work 

Yoga boosts brainpower. When our mind is stress-free and happy. It naturally results in positive and rapid brain work. Increases concentration, absorbing power and actively participate in every work. It really helps to concentrate and focus because you are less distracted by other things.


It’s one of the benefits of yoga. By practicing yoga it makes our body flexible. It helps to loosen our body and impossible becomes possible. Body pains disappear. When you are inflexible you will find difficulties doing some works. But yoga makes your body strong and makes it flexible.

Makes you happier person

When you feel relaxed and stress-free naturally it results in the smile on your face. It makes your face glow. Research has found that yoga is the best medicine for coming out of depression. So whenever you feel sad without any reason just jump into yoga session It will make you a happier person with positive energy.


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