Major need-to-know health risk factors that all women should know - NH Health

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Major need-to-know health risk factors that all women should know

Major need-to-know health risk factors that all women should know

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Major Need-To-Know Health Risk Factors That All Women Should Know

The first step towards solving a problem to first identify it. Imagine if all the illnesses in the world were eradicated – how long would people live? By how much would our average life spans extend? A lot has been done to find cures for diseases in the medical world. Diseases affecting men and women have been studied.

 Even today, however women’s health remains an issue that a lot of organizations talk about, and strive to make advances in. Here are a few of the factors that put women at risk:

·         Cancer
A high number of women are affected by breast and cervical cancer, which are the most common type of cancer to occur in them. As with all cancer, if detected early, it can be taken care of, and the woman can continue with her life whole again. At least half a million women die of these two cancers every year. It is recommended that the risk factors are kept in mind and that the woman go for a screening, in order to start the treatment/prevention medication.

·         Osteoporosis
Back problems are now not just an age-specific thing. At one time osteoporosis used to be something that only old women were affected by. However, now there are many ways available for women and young girls to start receiving treatment for their hunched back/ back pain. It is a largely preventable disease.

·         Motherhood
A large number of mothers die due to complications that arise in pregnancy and childbirth. In spite of many advancements being made in the medical care given to pregnant women, and these deaths are usually avoidable, there are still many cases where even the bare minimum care isn’t being provided to them. Maternal health is a serious women’s issue that needs to be addressed direly.

·         Sexually Transmitted Infections
Even though awareness for diseases like HIV/AIDS have been on the high since the spread of the epidemic, there are still issues that arise during their prevention. Many young women struggle to find the right means to protect themselves from STIs. There are also issues in finding treatment for the victims of these diseases. AIDS is the leading cause of the deaths of many women in a large number of third world countries.

·         Depression
Each year, more than 12 million women fall prey to the clutches of chronic depression. The fact that the number of depressed men isn’t even half of that figure points to the fact that women are definitely more prone to have mental health issues than men. There is evidence to prove that it could also be hormonal changes in women that trigger this condition in female brains.   

·         Autoimmune diseases

These are a set of diseases which turns the immune system against the body, causing it to attack and destroy tissues. This category has over 80 diseases under it, all of them being very serious and chronic. Women are much more likely to have these diseases occur in them, the rate being a whopping 75%. It is suspected that there are hormonal and genetic factors at play, along with the environment playing a small role as well.

Article Author: Tarun Rao

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