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Is it okay to get your wisdom teeth removed?

Is it okay to get your wisdom teeth removed?

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Approximately 100 million years ago, when our ancestors were beginning their life, they are said to have comparatively larger jaws with enough of space accommodate the third set of molars, which we today call as wisdom teeth. However, with the evolution at its pace, the mutations in their genes resulted in shorter jaws which are considered to have happened so to provide room for larger brains in humans.

With the passage of time, larger brains worked to figure out how to make tools, light up the fire, construct wheels for easy locomotion and perform other significant things that started developing them. This made consumption of food quite easier and even changed their rough and primitive diet gradually into a softer one. Therefore, it is claimed that our wisdom teeth are no longer a necessity considering our diets.

However, it doesn’t mean at all that since the wisdom teeth are no longer a necessity, we need to rush out and get our wisdom teeth removed. Nevertheless, wisdom teeth are uprooted today for a number of reasons. As wisdom teeth emerge through the gum with the age of a person, they can result in excruciating teething pain. And this pain is often transient until the wisdom tooth has fully erupted through the gum; however, some wisdom teeth even get stuck in the adjacent molar teeth or jaw bone in some cases.

Reasons why wisdom tooth is uprooted:

·        When only a small bit of the wisdom tooth is able to pop out of the gum, chances are probable enough for the food to get trapped, that in turn causes unbearable excruciating pain that shoots up into the ear and even down under the jaw. Only if the person suffers this type of pain repeatedly, then one must approach the dentist and there are chances that your wisdom teeth might be considered for removal. An experienced dentist looks at the X-ray and then analyses the position of your wisdom tooth to the underlying nerves. It is incredibly rare for certain situations to occur when one of the major jaw nerves actually pass through the curved roots, but still a skilled dentist would make sure that no complications occur during the uprooting of your wisdom tooth. However, the removal of the wisdom tooth can be particularly hazardous as the nerve could be snapped, causing numbness.
·    Some cases might even witness wisdom tooth that gets stuck behind the second molar and makes an easy way for the food to get trapped and then additionally creates an ideal environment for the oral bacteria to feast on. It leads to the development of an unusually deep cavity that forms in the second molar and the decay can be such that not only the wisdom tooth but the adjacent molar is required to be removed as soon as possible.

·    The other major reason that wisdom teeth might be removed is that they sometimes ten to get in the way when your teeth bite together. Wisdom teeth placed in the wrong location in your mouth can even make your front teeth to wear away and even lead to joint problems.
In nutshell, if your wisdom teeth are not giving you any trouble, then they are definitely in a good position and you don’t need to worry at all regarding them. However, if they cause pain or even make you feel uncomfortable while eating, and then visit an experienced and certified dentist as soon as possible without giving any second thoughts.

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