Doing planks daily can be advantageous in many ways including weight reduction! - NH Health

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Doing planks daily can be advantageous in many ways including weight reduction!

Doing planks daily can be advantageous in many ways including weight reduction!

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Doing Planks Daily Can Be Advantageous In Many Ways Including Weight Reduction!

Well, who doesn’t want a perfect health and refined and shaped body today? We all crave a healthy and active life. For this, we even try to join expensive gyms and switching to smaller diets to reduce our weights. But, nothing can assure you to lose extra weight and attain a flawless body shape except including planks in your daily exercise.

Not just for weight reduction, planks should be included in your daily schedule for multiple reasons. From increasing your stamina to reduction of stress levels, planks can benefit you in more than one way. Are you surprised? Do you want to know what all planks can do to enhance your health? Well, let us figure out!

The major benefits planks offer you when you do them regularly:

·         Planks help to build and strengthen your core muscles:

Planks help you enhance the strength of all your major core muscles including the straight, traverse and oblique muscles of your body manifolds which in turn will not only be beneficial if you want to shrink your waistline, but would also aid you to lift heavy weights.

·         Planks are essential if you desire effective weight loss:

Planks are reported to burn several times more calories than any other traditional exercises or workouts. Even if you do planks for almost a minute daily, you would have extremely high levels of fat metabolism not only throughout the day but even during sleep. 

·         Planks are essential for enhancing spinal support:

Planks even build up your back muscles without putting any kind of unnecessary strain on your back. Performing planks would not only support your spine but would also reduce back pain effectively. 

·         Doing planks can even improve posture:

When you include planks in your daily workout in your daily schedule, you would observe that you can sit and stand straight easily without stooping. Performing plank strengthens your neck, back, shoulder and chest muscles and helps to correct our postures while sitting as well as standing. 

·         Planks are necessary for better balance:

Many of us who fail to perform balancing act in a yoga asana, are said to have weak abdominal muscles. However, by regularly performing planks, you would easily be able to balance yourself easily in the yoga asana. 

·         Planks effectively help in reducing stress levels:

It may come as a surprise to many, but planks are really helpful to fight off stress levels and even depression. Performing planks stretches and relaxes your muscles that might have turned got stiff due to stress. The exercise even affects your nervous system and helps you combat stress if you make the planks a part of your daily life.

With so many advantages that planks offer, one should definitely include them in the daily workouts at least for a minute to lead a healthy and happy life!

Author: Saloni Gaba

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