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Be Careful Where You Go For Your Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair transplant clinics are now one of the fastest growing businesses in the world and many are giving world class service and results. However there is a growing concern that many new players who are calming to give the best results with hair transplant procedures are actually neither qualified nor certified to perform this very delicate procedure.

This has led to many botched up surgeries where the money spent is wasted and the results are also very poor with many complications faced by the patent which normally can be avoided if the hair transplant is done by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon.

Medical council of India directive 

According to the Medical council of India only MCh plastic surgeons can perform hair transplants. However due to regulations not enforced strictly in India many of these procedures are done by

Centers with doctors who are Homeopaths,  Ayurveda and physiotherapists 

This has led to death of some patents and most suffer from many other complications because the surgery is being performed by non certified individuals. 

Cheap does not mean Quality

We all want things cheap but buying discounted cloths or shoes are different compared to going for a life changing medical procedure like hair transplant. That is why experience and qualification should be the most important criteria rather than cheap discounts.

That is why at Radiance center of excellence in hair transplant and aesthetics all procedures are performed by Dr Mayank Singh who is a highly qualified and experienced plastics surgeon to ensure best results with your hair transplant. At this center you get the best results and value for money and that is why Radiance is the best hair transplant in Delhi NCR.  

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