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 Always Select a Qualified Plastics Surgeon for Hair Transplant Procedure
Hair Transplant procedures is one of the most sort after cosmetic procedures in demand right now because our hair is an important extension of our personality. It is fact when you have thick lustrous hair on your scalp it makes us feel good about ourselves that is why when people suffer from hair loss sometimes they can get depressed.

Qualified Plastics Surgeon a Must

However with modern surgical techniques and advancement in hair transplantation, this problem can be now successfully remedied and for this it is very important that you consult a Qualified Plastics Surgeon because these days you would find many people getting into this line of work because it is very lucrative.

But success is only possible if the entire procedure is done by plastics surgeon like Dr Mayank Singh of Radiance Cosmedic Center of excellence in hair transplant. This center for hair aesthetics is the best hair transplant in Delhi NCR and Dr. Mayank has performed over 1500 successful hair transplant procedures with his own patented R ULTIMA technology.

Also he regularly performs other plastic surgery procedures like breast augmentation, breast reduction surgeries and Rhinoplasty or nose job.


  1. We ensure that our surgeons are heavily experienced and most of all, the most specialized in your area.

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