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To begin with, there is no such thing as painless surgery and hair transplant in words is a surgery which has to be performed by a skilled and qualified individual. It is best if the hair transplant is formed by an experienced plastic surgeon because only they have the necessary skills. One thing is clear this is a very safe procedure and most people do not have any side effects after surgery. But as any medical procedure, there are some risks but happens only in very rare cases.

You will experience numbness in your head for few weeks because of the anesthetic is given to you since this is one procedure which is done using local anesthetics. One can sit back and relax and read a book or watch tv while the procedure is being done. Some people may suffer from a headache but with proper medication, these side effects are just temporary.   

Radiance Cosmedic Centre of excellence in hair transplant is one such clinic in Hair Transplant Services in Delhi NCR which has a long history of giving excellent results with their innovative techniques used which are of international standard. It is run by a Dr. Mayank Singh a highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeon who has performed hundreds of successful Hair Transplant in Delhi NCR. Also at this center, various other procedures are also performed to remove Hypertrophic Scars And Keloids.

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